Writer, editor, and publications consultant with a personal interest in education, technology, and the media—and the places where these disciplines connect. From the emergence of the consumer internet and mobile to blockchain, more than two decades experience demystifying emerging technology trends. Was a newspaper columnist and editor in a past life, and I blog, write features, edit magazines, and help nonprofits get their message out in this one.

Mark Toner




As his editor, I am always amazed at the work he hands in… Mark is able to take vague ideas and a handful of sources and turn them into highly engaging and well-written articles.

Mark is an excellent writer, a fantastic editor, and a true pleasure to work with. He’s a dedicated, meticulous worker who always gets the job done on schedule. Just as important, Mark deftly balances managerial firmness with a great sense of humor: I’ve never had an editor who consistently made my copy better, yet was also fun to work for.